Eric Volta is often looked at as someone who thinks outside the box. He is a native Londoner who grew up travelling, spending the first twenty years of his life wandering through Europe, the Middle East & South East Asia. His varied upbringing and multi cultured exposure helped to fuel his diverse artistic and musical curiosity that has helped him grow into the unique artist that he is today. 

Not one for shameless self-promotion, Eric Volta had a clever approach and spent his first two years of djing around London – asking to remain anonymous on line-ups. It was with this attitude that he was invited to be a resident for one of London’s most respected underground Sunday daytime parties – lo*kee. He joins lo*kee for a few shows hosting room 3 at Fabric, London.  Then came his release of Django on Dirtybird, more singles appeared on Four:Twenty Records with long time collaborator Cozzy D, a collaboration EP with friends on Lower East Records, respected Australian Label BEEF, teaming up with lo*kee creator Sebastian Voigt to release ’42 weeks’ on My Favorite Robot Records from Toronto and on Maceo Plex’s ELLUM audio. Remixes have also appeared on Nurvous Records for Danny, Homework on Exploited Records, App on WYS! Records & Arunaud le Texier’s Safari Numerique even asked to remix Hatiras’s legendary Spaced Invader. All this happened in a time frame that would make many producers envious.

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The track that launched him however, was released more recently. ‘Love Your Illusion’ was dropped on Jonny White (of Art Department) ‘s label – no.19. In November of 2013. Signed in January of that year, the record was played at every Art Department show for the entire year. Sometimes, even twice in a set. It has since become one of the most played tracks of 2013, with a top 10 best of 2013 by DJ Mag and top 10 charted tracks of November 2013 on RA. In twenty years time, the track will probably still be as relevant as it is today.

“Dare to do different” is Eric Volta’s motto. “I can’t stand the shameless nature of self-promotion. Everyone likes to talk about themselves too much. I love the ambiguity that having an artist name gives me. When I go out I am nameless, I don’t talk about what I do, and I don’t really like talking about what I have been doing in the studio all week long. I am out to connect, to dance, to be inspired!”
It’s this very nature of no bla bla and relying on the strength of his productions, that Volta made his production debut on Claude Von Stroke’s Dirtybird by climbing out of the demo pile – through a Soundcloud submission. “It wasn’t even a demo, I wasn’t trying to get the track signed to Dirtybird” he once said. Saying that he merely wanted to send Von Stroke a track that he would just like to play. Who can’t admire such a gesture?

If you thought that you were getting an ordinary mixtape from mr. Volta then guess again. Get ready to space out on a musical journey. Enjoy!

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