For today’s mix we have an honoured guest in our midst. He is a longstanding and respected figure in Amsterdam’s club life, he has a fixed spot in club Trouw and has set up his own record label, SoHaSo, not too long ago, making waves after some particularly well-received first releases. His name is Nuno Dos Santos and this guy is serious when it comes to producing, playing and releasing fresh music.

Something that Nuno Dos Santos is known for across Amsterdam and beyond is his infallible skill to make contact with his crowd, a trait lacking in many of today’s apathetically deck-focused DJs. There is constant eye contact when you have him in front of you, a flirtateous vibe going on with the crowd, a sort of positive energy that wins you over almost instantly. You can feel that Nuno is utterly in love with what he does.His love for the decks is intertwined with a borderline obsessive curiosity for fresh, quality music. Yes, music, because the word genre isn’t in this guy’s dictionary. In his sets he fuses many different different styles and sounds into a very personal brand that is always two steps ahead of the rest. Combine that creative flexibility with with a telepathic ability to read a dance floor and more often than not you end up with a homerun set.

Production-wise, Nuno has released a number of hit singles on the likes of Compost (“Merging” with TJ Kong), or Joris Voorn‘s Green Records (“360 – Neon ep”) as well as remixes for labels like Connaisseur & Traum and an original on Inflyte Records.

[youtube id=”bbIoKML-RGk” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Last year Nuno started his own SoHaSo-label (Something Happening Somewhere: “The name itself leaves alot open for your own imagination. I want to release musical material from befriended producers, new talent and my own work on SoHaSo.” The label has launched notable work from Mayaku (“Bushwalking“, which gained immediate support from Laurent Garnier and Ame) and Love Over Entropy. In its short existence, SoHaSo has made its mark in the right places and with the right people; so expect more exciting releases to follow soon.

But back to the man of the hour and the mix he’s layed down for you. We won’t spill the beans on what you’re about to hear. That’s for you to find out.


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