As stars that appear over the course of history on the Hollywood boulevard are applauded by their fans, it’s our turn to appreciate the ones that completed house music back in the day. Tony Humphries is among the stars and we have the pleasure of showcasing his mastery onto our platform.

In 1975 Tony Humphries gained his first official gig at the Brooklyn club El Morocco and since then, it was just a small step until his talent was truly appreciated landing him his first ever residency. This time around at New York’s Tribeca. By mid-80’s Tony seized the attention of bigger artists that got into his mixing magic and they all were taken by the Humphries Handicraft.

[youtube id=”DhkZteCmSP8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Relocation across the ocean into England in the early 90’s Tony Humphries immediately gain the respect of the house music abroad by acquiring a residency at the already famous Ministry Of Sound. In the meantime his mixes were already taking the tour of every major radio station from Kiss FM to Ministry Of Sound Radio where his residency lasted for four years. The end of the 90’s era and the beginning on to 00’s see Tony in DJ Mag’s top 100 in the 15th position and eventually in May 2002 he mixes one of the first Fabric infamous compilations, Fabric 04.

With today’s mix from Tony Humphries we relieve the passing of the disco era and step right through to the magic of Paradise Garage and other memorable venues, at least with our imagination. Tony keeps things bumping in the night with the right amount of seduction infiltrated through the set and lots and lots of soul.

Take a listen and imagine how you would have jacked down back in the day.


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