No. 120 in our mixtape series features Baaz, a German native who is known for giving the generic house sound that personal touch. Rolling out a sound that’s immediately driving, narcotic and dreamy. He makes music sounds lived-in and classic but also crisply future-forward. Rather than rehash the past, he makes the present and future sound perfectly seasoned, like they’ve been hiding out in the attic all this time.

His recordings have been released on labels like Dan Bell’s Elevate Recordings, Sthlmaudio Recordings, Quintessentials and Slices Of Life over the years-and in wide-ranging DJ sets throughout Europe, North America and Japan. In 2012, Baaz launched Office Recordings, a label not confined to any one musical genre or approach. Thus far, it’s featured two EPs of warmly melodic house that find Baaz collaborating with fellow travelers like Iron Curtis and Soulphiction, as well as continuing to hone his craft.


After Baaz’s acclaimed EP for Barbara Preisinger’s label ‘Slices Of Life’ (a follow up for the label is due in 2013), his own label ‘Office Recordings’ is now up and running. The first release ‘What About Talk About‘ from Baaz himself is sold out, and the second ‘KMS & Chardon’ is available now.


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