Mix #120 is a very special one. It comes from the hands of a DJ/producer whose name has been resonating through the Amsterdam techno scene for a couple of years now. But his love for house music is perhaps just as big. That’s why you could see this mix, filled with beautiful deep house records, as a little excursion for the acclaimed Jean Pierre Enfant.

By merging long DJ sets with a collective hedonistic vibe, Jean Pierre Enfant is not experimenting, but is simply following his passion for music. Catching this feeling in his tracks, his podcasts and especially in his long dj sets is what drives him to the fullest. If you are in definite need to put a tag on this Amsterdam based artist, then mix Detroit, New York, Berlin & Chicago with the housy, the dark and the slightly paranoid sides of techno. But in this exclusive mix JP has dug even deeper inside his record collection and dusted off some old-school deep house gems. Listen and enjoy one of Amsterdam’s most talented artists.]


Here he establishes a coherent feeling with his warm techno vibe and the borderless clubbing experience of LET. Right in the heart of one of the worlds club capitals. This warm but solid sound can also be found on his upcoming release (September 2014) on a.r.t.less, known as the techno label of Mojuba Records. In this mix Jean Pierre Enfant is blending old records with a more contemporary sound. As with all his podcasts, it is recorded with strictly two decks and a bag full of black gold. Now dance baby!


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