#123 in our Mixtape series comes from Chicago’s Tevo Howard. This underground house artist is perhaps best known for his multiple releases on Rush Hour Records and his own label ‘Beautiful Granville Records’. But that’s not a good starting point for this artist, as his story goes waaay back.

This mix was recorded circa 2005 which was the official return of Tevo Howard behind the turntable wheels of steel just after a long break from DJing between 1992 and these recordings in 2005. The augmented energy of the recordings during this time period are a result of the rekindled love affair that never left the producers heart for music and DJing. This particular mix is a standard reminisce of the old days of DJing with standard non overextended blends and and the absence of equalizer options… The addiction and passion for DJing that was rekindled here is absolutely the direct result of the Chicago energy heard in this recording.

He started to DJ at roughly thirteen or fourteen years old, putting us back to about 1987. After a knee injury in a skateboard accident in 1987, Tevo found himself sitting at home, bored, and with little interests other than skateboarding and music. With skateboarding out of the picture, He could only gather to mess around with the turntables that sat in the room that he and his brothers all shared. “I remember thinking that being a DJ was a hobby that wasn’t either illegal, or dangerous, and that it would be fun to DJ my own music as opposed to my brother’s music. I walked down to Gramaphone..”

For Tevo Howard, DJing and especially record collecting became an addiction immediately. At 14 he had the goal of collecting one crate of vinyl. His brother had already collected ten crates. At one point he found himself at Gramaphone and Wax Trax picking up current day gems with his lunch money. It became one record a day. “I am grateful to have Grown up in the Chicago record scene, because it provided a medium to apply my curious mind as a young musician”.

He took a break from all music application from 1997 through 2004. Circa 2004 and 2005, he entered Law School, and again began to DJ on the turntables that he had never sold (They were then almost 20 years old). As he studied an array of subjects and pursued several degrees before his full return to music, he found himself one day in 2006, headed to class to get the rest of his M.A. in Writing at DePaul University, and yet, unable to get out of the car: “I remember reaching for the latch several times, but ultimately deeming that I did not believe in the teaching philosophy of Depaul’s M.A. in Writing program. So, I started the car again, and went home. It was that day that I began to build my studio, Beautiful Granville Studios.” And the rest is history.

It’s time to take it back to these old-school so dive into the deliciously cool house gems. PLAY!


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