Born into the mid 80s, Clarian grew up in Montreal and began recording and composing as a teenager when suburban kids were falling asleep to bands like Radiohead. Influenced by the 80’s film, New Wave, and the sublime of the late 90’s indie, he shaped his production style and has been released on various esteemed  labels, from Visionquest and Supplement Facts to Life And Death.

Clarian first appeared on the dance music map with the release of Footprintz’ Utopia EP (2011), which brought him endless critical acclaim, and culminated in appearances on year-end music mag charts such as DJ Mag. From lyrics to instrumentation, Clarian looks for beauty in lost romances and magic in the everyday and ordinary. Clarian has been shimmying his way up the cosmic musical totem pole of life. With that said, you may be surprised to find out that he started his music career in an experimental indie scene,which actually makes sense given his gig as Seth Troxler’s right hand A&R man at his experimental indie label, Soft Touch.

With a solo mini LP for Visionquest released in early 2013, Clarian brought to life the track “Claire” which became a huge hit on the dance floors around the world and is another example of his romance music. He is currently in LA, where he plays chess and performs his haunting gothic mystical music amid the sweet surrender of swinging drums and the permeance of synths. He’s known for his offbeat sense of humour and instrumentation, sometimes resorting to spoons when his favourite analog synth isn’t available on hand. Is he joking? It’s hard to tell really..

Clarian has selected some his favourites for us, and distilled blended them into an incredibly deep yet powerful mix that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end.


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reagenz – keep building
conforce – love hate
agoria – speechless
ghost culture – red smoke
timothy j fairplay – the general arrives
guy j – seven
super flu – jo gurt (stephan bodzin remix)
101 force – acid trip
clarian – dystopia
nils frahm – peter (the drifter edit)
depeche mode – never let me down again (cubicolor remix)