Mix #134 is a gripping hour with Amsterdams very own DJ/producer, Melon. House music infused with folk, tribal rhythms, soulful vocals, and everything in between, this mix is a ride through musical landscapes. With the songs so skillfully knit together, this mix proves that Melon is a DJ with technical skills and a golden ear for music.

Melon is a DJ, whose love for music shines through in everything he does. A DJ, producer and an avid record collector, his sets are known for spanning more than just one genre. The result of three decades of record collecting gives this man a unique point-of-view from which to scoop inspiring musical experiences to his listeners. Melon has played pretty much all the most respected venues of Europe, including Fabric, Plastic People, Watergate and Robert Johnson. He also held a residency at Trouw, with a label night of his Ratiomusic?.

Knowing that Melon wanted his first drum machine at the tender age of 8, it comes as no surprise that his productions are of the highest quality. His own productions as well as his remixes are loved by DJ’s around the globe, and he is also known for top notch edits such as a cut of INXS song I Need You Tonight.

Press play below to take a joy ride with Melon. It’s worth it, we guarantee it.


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01. Jose Gonzalez – This Is How We Walk On The Moon
02. Rob Shields – Peru Winter
03. Strategy – The Mink
04. Rob Shields – Stay Like This
05. Paxton Fettel – She’s All Right (Jimpster Remix)
06. Norty Cotto – Reunion (Oscar P Nude Drum Mix)
07. Life On Planets – Fork In The Path (Luke Solomon’s Body Mix)
08. Markus Homm & Leo Leal – Space Cowboy (Martin Patino Remix)
09. Matthias Meyer – Infinity
10. Light Year – Come Together
11. Bob Moses – I Ain’t Gonna Be The First To Cry

About The Author

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Axel is a music writer, a DJ, and a radio host. Since stepping on the 1’s and 2’s in 2008 it’s been one helluva ride for this house music lover. Gathering full momentum in the Finnish scene with his SMOOD duo, this northern dweller packed his bags and re-located in A’dam in 2014. Axel is known for a wide spanning view on everything with a 4/4 beat. His Dj-sets have been heard both in clubs and on the semi-national radio station Basso in FIN. With interests on both the current state of dance music as well as where it all came from, it was only natural for him to jump on the DHA bandwagon. Axel has a knack for discussing everything house, but also enjoys letting the music speak for itself. His writings are known to be as provocative as the cheeky house tunes that he plays whenever given the chance.

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