It’s been an interesting journey for Kim de Lange, aka Miss Melera, to say the least. Within the last three years, the once obscure talent from Haarlem has gathered a strong following in Amsterdam and beyond. And well-deserved we might add as the lady with the long locks has been perfecting her art, predominantly behind the decks. In the studio her craft is taking shape as well now, as her releases on Parquet and Einmusika have shown.

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It was about time to introduce Miss Melera int0 our mix catalog, and to get you acquainted to her deep, soothing sound that has driven many crowds to a euphoric state of mind. Outside of the Netherlands her style is being noticed, as she has toured frequently in the past year or so: Canada, The Us, Colombia, Brazil and, of course, Berlin. This is partly due to her popular SC podcast Colourizon, which has put her on the map as a dedicated artist who is busy creating her own niche in the saturated supply of melodic deep house.

Faith, which follows last year’s Stare/Stunning, is a three-song EP including the title track, “Fearless,” and an Einmusik remix of “Faith.” As Miss Melera has always regarded Einmusik as a great inspiration, she is particularly honored to be able to include it on the release, and do so on Einmusika Recordings.

Get ready for a multi-facetted musical journey by this artist on an unstoppable rise.


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