Mix #137 comes straight out the cradle of house music. Chicago’s Ricardo Miranda might not be a name that immediately rings a bell, yet his influence on underground dance music is significant. His music reflects a traditional House culture that goes beyond just sound or legendary stories.

While pounding house beats on his school desk, thirteen-year-old Miranda was already destined to follow a career in music. He got a taste of producing when his brother bought him home a Casio RZ-1 & Casio CZ1000. A little later he passed down some DJ gear by a friend, which allowed him to play all the records in the household.

His devotion to making music was profound from the very beginning. In a matter of months he had created hundreds of rough tracks that readied to eventually produce on a professional level. A chance meeting with musical genius Glenn Underground led to his assistance on Ricardo’s first single “Termino Mi Amor” which Louie Vega signed almost immediately. What followed was to be a discography containing signature analog sound. Yet his diversity in style can be heard along the way, from dirty bangers like Black Acid or State Of Mind, to deep classics like Rush Hour.

Miranda just recently released his latest his ‘Back On The Scene EP’ on Rawax. A four-track cut carrying authentic grooves, heavy percussion and old-school bass lines (listen and buy here). For this mix, Ricardo has laid down some exquisite, soulful tunes with some twists and turns along the way.


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