Dutch DJ Reza Athar believes in moods and atmospheres instead of genres. To find the perfect balance between mind & body dancing is the biggest precedence in his musical philosophy and his sets. His goal is to surprise people with music they aren’t too familiar with and taking them on an adventure into corners which they haven’t come across before.

Last year Reza Athar’s mixes were picked by a number of taste making podcast & mix series as Throne Of Blood, Disko Selectors, THUMP/Vice & Clandestino. He also made his debut at TrouwAmsterdam during a special Horizon showcase in the ‘natte cel’ basement of the venue. He’s also performed at Berlin’s Salon Zur Wilden Renate and London ́s notorious Dalston Superstore last year. He is holding residencies at Amsterdam ́s most leading clubs as RADION & Canvas and the forward thinking organization Outsiders.

Reza has two events he’s looking forward to a lot. One of them is MIND in Radion, where he’ll be warming up for Parisian taste-maker Ivan Smagghe and PK Recordings/Cocoon’s Phil Kieran. On the 25th of April there will also be a new edition of Horizon, where he’ll be playing with disco/funk veteran Daniele Baldelli. This will make for a unique musical pairing that you won’t find very often.

Reza’s mix is an incredibly diverse mix of musical elements, all with a progressive feel but with a clear nod to dance music’s heritage. Press play and hear it for yourself.


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01. Jaakko Eino Kalevi – No End (Manfedas Mix) [CDR]

02. Double Knots – Remote Control Memory [International Feel]

03. Daniele Baldelli – Cosmic Drag [Endless Flight]

04. Dan Bodan – Romeo (Draveng “Capulet’s Shame Shallow” Mix) [DFA Records]

05. Boot & Tax – Balkan Youth [Meant Records]

06. Sebastien Tex – Sway In Stones (Il Est Vilaine “Chapati” Mix) [Mange Moi]

07. Duncan Gray – Crush (Future Bones Mix) [Tici Taci]

08. Downtown Party Network – Space Me Out (Ewan Pearson Mix) [Silence Music]

09. Todd Terje – Leisure Suit Preben (I: Cube Mix) [Olsen]

10. Saschienne – The Era Of The Leopard [Kompakt]

11. Red Axes – Na Da [I’m A Cliché]

12. Mushrooms Project – Yess (Vox Low Mix) [Play Pal]

13. Moscoman – Fernandez [Eskimo Recordings]

14. Dark Strands – Slide (Heretic Mix) [NEIN Records]

15. My Favorite Robot – Magneto [My Favorite Robot Records]

16. Offset – Wolf Gang [Correspondant]

17. Paresse – Nada [Magic Feet recordings]

18. Man Power – Trans [Throne Of Blood]

19. Silent Servant – Mechanics Of Emotion [The Corner]

20. An-i – Rut [Cititrax]

21. Simple Symmetry – King Solomon’s Mines (Soft Rocks Mix) [Low Budget Family]

22. S. Moreira & Xinner – Through The Rings Of Saturn [Phonica Records]

23. Enzo Elia (feat. Rokkerillo) – Retracing My Steps (DJ Kaos “Rhythm Of Love” Mix) [Hell yeah recordings]

24. Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada – Low Tension (Utopia Mix) [Utopia Records]

25. Khidja – Looki (Fantastic Man Mix) [Love On The Rocks]