When you invite Diynamic’s Stimming to do a mix, you know you will get something special. And that’s exactly what we got, as he created this very special Live set.

Few people bring a truly original sound to house music. It’s all very well making some nice grooves and working the dancefloor, but when it comes to longevity and leaving an indelible mark on the genre and the wider musical sphere, you’ve got to bring something new to the table. At a relatively young age, Hamburg’s Martin Stimming did just that, demonstrating a sophisticated yet accessible sound that’s beyond his years. He explains: “I want people to see me as an evolving artist, where you never know what exactly you get – but you know that it’s Stimming.”

Stimming is known first and foremost for his excellent qualities as a producer and a proper soundfreak. Documentaries have shown him recording sound in factories, and an organ-plant among other things. He approaches sound as paint and brushstrokes on a canvas, and wants to add a human element to the often pre-packaged nature of contemporary dance music. “Probably every track normally has at least one sound that is completely out of context, but tweaked and smashed in a way that it fits.”

Amidst a sea of mediocre similarity in dance music, Martin Stimming’s work stands out as truly different. His productions are filled with a multitude of these unique, charismatic field recordings as can be seen in the video above, and he never uses the same sample more than once. Nothing is sacred; sources of sound in his productions have included a Coke can, a coffee machine, children’s toys, keys, marbles, a rubbish bin, loose change, tube train breaking systems and doors and an Ikea pizza cutter.

His stunning Liquorice demonstrated that a full-length can actually be a proper listening album, not just an extended and dance-floor minded EP. Produced with pleasing no-one but himself in mind, it eschews the normal kick-clap/snare template by and large to explore more interesting and progressive territories, but always with that trademark magpie-like sense of texture, emotion and discovery. It’s an album to expand his remit beyond the constraints of the dancefloor and into the wider realms of beautiful electronic music.

Another testimony to sound and its development is Stimming’s recent work and promotion for the 4D soundsystem, which will be the future in club music experience. Watch him at work with 4D in this video.

In his hour-long live set for DHA we hear a sensitive, soulful side of Stimming that is perfect for some relaxing home-listening.


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