Deniz Kurtel’s biography goes beyond most of other DJs’ bios. When you try to explain who Deniz Kurtel is you can’t only talk about her music. For Deniz, music and art go hand in hand and she succeeds linking music with art and light. Three elements that go well together in general. If you want you can call Deniz Kurtel a 360° artist. She can bring along the music and the LED art.

Born in Izmir, Turkey, Deniz Kurtel received various graduate degrees before she turned her attention to LED art. Her pieces were part of many Wolf + Lamb events in Brooklyn and have appeared on various art festivals and exhibitions like Burning Man , Rabbit Hole, Art Basel Miami and London Design Week.

Since she released her first album in 2009, she’s been merging music and art. For the release of her first album ‘Music Watching Over Me’ she built an LED stage installation which she programmed to respond to her music. For her second album, ‘The Way We Live’, she created an installation inside a trailer and drove across the USA. She then built a second version of this installation in Europe, which was picked up by the city of Turin for an art festival and publicly displayed.

After her last release together with Art Department, the ‘Deepression EP’, Deniz Kurtel has been working on a new light project to perform alongside her next solo album for the past year. This stage installation will incorporate interactive and live control of not only light but movement as well. She’s also working on a debut album with her new duo which she plans to reveal later this year. For our mix Deniz set up many exquisite tracks with funk, soul and hip-hop elements in a bubbly, driving and uplifting mix.


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