Larse started making music in the early 90’s when he tried to build up a Hip Hop crew with a friend where he was the DJ. This is when he started collecting records and started deejaying as well. Nowadays he is an established deep house DJ and has been around for many years. 

In the past years Larse was one of the guys who approached the deep house hype on a more commercial level with his massive hits ‘The More I Want’ or ‘So Long’. Besides being a great producer and DJ, he hosts a weekly Radio show called ‘Klubbing’ on 1LIVE, the second biggest radio station in Europe with a reach of several million listeners. If you tune in you will know what’s hot or not and you instantly hear how experienced Larse is. If you want to listen to his show, tune in next Friday on 1LIVE as there is only one more show left.

With an era coming to an end Larse will still be touring and producing. He made impressive remixes for ‘Brain’ by Banks, ‘Slip Away’ by Cari Golden and Bambook and had a big release on Noir Music with the track ‘This Feeling’. In 2015 we can expect a lot of new things by Larse. There is a remix for Dikso Records where he also released his tracks ‘So Much Fun’, ‘Tonite’ and the ‘GT’ EP. He will also have a slow Jam release on Berlin based imprint Suol. But first expect well chosen tracks in a melodic, deep but uplifting mix from Larse.


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