Andre Com is a well known name in the game since he had his real breakthrough in 2012 after being active as a DJ and producer for many years before. His label OFF Recordings grew into one of the leading underground house labels of today, since he founded it in 2008 after moving to Berlin. Right now he’s recreating his and OFF Recordings style.

With OFF Recoding, Andre Crom established a label which has become omnipresent in the Beatport deephouse charts, often having 5 tracks in the top 100 at once. Still he’s trying to change something. Or maybe it’s because of this. At the moment OFF Recording is in the musical re-orientation towards emotional techhouse, techno and electronica. This is not only because of a, like he describes, “drastically changed taste” but also because the deep house OFF Recordings is typically renowned became more and more popular then he could have imagined. He explains: “I wanted to find something that could touch me on a deeper emotional level.”

OFF recordings musical refocus goes in hand with a renewed artist roster. During the next month you can expect EPs and remixes by established names such as Kyodai, Kruse & Nürnberg, ED ED & Sasse, Crom & Thanh featuring Jinadu, Kiki, Thomas Gandey, Curses, Olivier Giacomotto or Simone Vitullo, but also newcomers like Melokolektiv, Konvex & The Shadow or ME&her.

Besides the re-orientation of his imprint Andre also focuses a lot on growing his studio skills and producing new material. His last release ‘The Devil’ was his first solo release after two years and he just finished a remix for the ‘Shooting Stars EP’ by Konvex & The Shadow. If you know Andre you can hear that something has changed in his mix. The music is still accessible for the dance floor but at the same time it became more emotional and melodic. And maybe it also became more personal.


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