The latest instalment of our mix series comes from German DJ and Producer Sandrino. The chances are you have heard the name, when used in combination with his partner in crime, as Frankey & Sandrino but the former is also a force as an individual artist, which surely comes through here.

Both, Frankey and Sandrino, have been active with electronic music for well over a decade now. While Franky is a schooled musician who had already released a string of LP’s and EP’s, Sandrino started his career in 2003 with a residency at Germany’s Butan Club. The duo of Frankey and Sandrino soon discovered their shared interest in deep and melodic music and started producing together. It didn’t take too long until Four:Twenty Records and Moodmusic picked up their first releases. Then, in 2014, the duo released their ‘Save EP’ on Innervisions. By that point the EPs title track was already a staple for Dixon, which he played at his Innervisions Mexican Sunrise at BPM set.

This year saw the guys already releasing ‘Starchild/Lost’ on Drumpoet Community and ‘Cephei‘ on MoodMusic. June 29, their full and long awaited EP “Acamar” is released on Innervisions!

Sandrino gave this mix the title ‘Momentaufnahme’, which can be translated to “snapshot of time” and, as this might already tell you, the mix is a reflection of all kinds of music he deeply loves.


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