Dance music has a new enfant terrible of epic proportions in its midst. He is an enigmatic character that has gone under the radar for far too long, and coming out of the shadows with his incredible sound. There are artists that are hard to categorize, and there’s Fango, who is described by Michael Mayer as “the most insane Italian since Berlusconi.”

His latest album Tuono has been crowned by industry top players for all its weird, unfathomable brilliance. From Maceo Plex to Ame to Marcel Dettmann to Tale Of Us to Mano Le Tough, the reactions have been near to hysterical.

His body of work see’s releases for example on labels such as Hell Yeah records, Kompakt, 50 Weapons and his main home Degustibus Music, resulting in growing demand for Fango’s remix skills as well as his much loved drum programming.

For this exclusive mix, Fango is backing up his young reputation in spades with musical works that seem miles apart but blend in perfectly when you take a second listen. But we don’t want to spill any of the goodness here, you have to experience it for yourself.


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