Murat Tepeli’s trade is poise. In his sets, he creates a perfect harmony between ecstasy and ass shaking on one hand, and gentle emotion and elegance on the other. In his production, he often pairs melancholy with the necessity to dance, opulence and reduction, loud and quiet.

Professionally, Murat Tepeli walks the tightrope of being a DJ in the Club and a surgeon in the operating theatre. He combines these extremes with a playful energy and manages to put the full range of emotions and experiences into his sets.

In 2002, Murat Tepeli started his own productions resulting in his first release in 2005. Tepeli’s EP “On A Ride” found a home on the renowned Playhouse label. Further releases followed on labels like Brut, 240 Volts and an EP on Ostgut Ton. January 2008 saw the release of “Serenity”, an album co-produced alongside Prosumer, and the record played a large role in the house renaissance. Several remixes and solo EPs followed, most recently with releases on AVA and Philpot.

Through his energizing sets in clubs such as Zukunft, Fabric, Rex and Paradiso, at festivals in countries like Poland, Israel and India, with regular gigs at Panorama Bar, and a residency at the Cologne-based Pulstar nights, Murat Tepeli has built himself an international fan base. By blending physique and emotion, his sets always represent the pulse of life– a beating heart, full of emotion.

Today, we are proud to present an exclusive mixtape from the highly talented Murat Tepeli. If you happened to be in Amsterdam at the beginning of the summer, Murat absolutely destroyed ZeeZout’s Buiten Westen stage with a vinyl only set, spanning the spectrum of house. Here, expect no different…

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