Ever since his memorable breakthrough in 2008, Nick Curly has established himself as one of the pre-eminent international acts in the modern era of house music.

Nick’s run of timeless, club-ready 12”’s and remixes have constantly and consistently found the mark amongst both music fans and his DJ peers. He currently stands at #4 in industry bible Resident Advisor’s most charted acts of all-time, sitting in alongside luminaries Maceo Plex, Butch, Radio Slave and Maya Jane Coles in the top 5, and he has become one of the world’s most in-demand DJs.

The majority of Nick’s output has appeared on his own 8Bit label, as well as the now defunct – but memorable – Cecille Records. Industry titans such as Cocoon, Space Ibiza and Defected have all played significant roles in the Nick Curly story so far and continues into 2015 with Adam Beyer’s Truesoul imprint and Nick’s own ‘Trust’ parties helping power his future.

On 26 September ‘Trust’ returns to London for the first club date in 7 months. An all-conquering summer has seen their annual off Sonar open air party reach new heights, 2 huge festival stages gobbled up at Edit (Amsterdam) and Found (London), and massive club dates at European hotspots like Gipsy, Nordstern and Birmingham’s Rainbow.

To get you ready for the gig this weekend, we spoke with Nick Curly on the ‘Trust’ concept, his summer, and his evolution as an artist. Nick was also kind enough to grace us with an exclusive mixtape, perfect for your ‘Trust’ pre party needs.

Find all information related to ‘Trust’ at London’s Egg at the end of this article.

“Clearly the festival culture in Holland is the strongest in Europe.”

It has been 7 months since you’ve been in London, why so long?
Its 7 months since my last club date yes. I was lucky enough to land some great festival gigs in summer – Eastern Electrics, and the Trust stage at Found festival, which was unreal. Unfortunately that meant a break from the clubs for a few months

As usual, your schedule remains consistently busy with production work and touring. I see that your summer travels included hosting a stage at Edit (Amsterdam). For our sister publication Deep House Amsterdam, how was that experience? Can you describe a little about your views on Amsterdam as an electronic music hub?
Edit is a small but cool and growing festival in Haarlem, outside Amsterdam. Trust was given the main stage and we brought Steve Lawler, Sasha, me, Laura Jones and Andre Galluzzi. I liked the festival crowd covered all ages and the reaction on our stage was really positive. Clearly the festival culture in Holland is the strongest in Europe. Im playing Welcome to the Future Indoor in November, which I am delighted to finally play.

Going back to London, you will be bringing your TRUST concept back to the British capital with a slew of proper artists. How do you go about curating a TRUST lineup? Is there one specific element you look for in TRUST artists?
Most important for how we book acts, is that they know how to rock a crowd as a performer. We do not book only hype producers. Our regular or main acts playing Trust have been Tobi Neumann, Bill Patrick, Point G, Mathias Kaden, Anja Schneider, Randall M. Each one is a next-level performer, right?

Explain how Robert Dietz, Valentino Kanzyani, and Silvie Loto complement you as a DJ, as well as TRUST as an idea?
Robert is an old friend from the Cecille days. We played together many times and he has done very well the last years. Great to have him involved with me again. Kanzyani is a great person – friendly and funny. Liked him musically from the early Cadenza days. Top DJ. Silvie was recommended to play to me by my partner and I really liked what I heard. She is a resident DJ at 2 of the best parties in Italy but does not play London so often. I like the idea to invite her on this particular party.

Actually, what is the idea behind TRUST? Is it for the crowd to trust the DJ; the DJs to trust each other; or just a general call to action…?
The idea behind Trust is that we use our many years of experience of clubs to create our idea of the perfect party. For sure it’s a work in progress but the reaction so far from people is great, especially during our off-week event in Barcelona every June. This party is the definitive Trust event. You need to come and check it next year.

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