Matteo Luis captures his audience with his classy house sets and his passion for vocal house and slow tempo beats. Not sure whether the digital era is to blame, but he only just turned 21 and has already built up a reputation as Cologne’s “Club-Mozart” because of his inventive productions.

Luis is a young producer from Berlin. Over the years – with 2008 as his starting point – he tried many different styles of music for his productions, but finally found his passion in House music. In August 2011 his remix for Bryan Kessler’s “She Only Likes Me” was released as his first digital and physical appearance ever. Various remix requests followed, as well collaborations and solo work. His first solo-EP was released in August 2013 in the form of “We Found Love” EP. In the following year, Luis released music on labels such as Noir, Get Physical / Poesie and Playperview. In 2015 he joined Marlon Hoffstadt and Goldberg on their intimate label Retrograde.


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