The ambient project Heathered Pearls was the brainchild of Polish-born Brooklynite Jakub Alexander, who had a career deeply rooted in music before he ever released any of his own. He was music “curator” for Tycho’s ISO50 blog, Tycho’s manager, a DJ under the Aarnio moniker, and, latterly, head of A&R at Ghostly International, the label that released his music. Introduced as a young man to ambient music by his mother, he loved the sound but hated the “Pure Moods” clichés often associated with it, and strove to create his own vision of the genre that avoided these. In 2004, while residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he founded the eclectic electronica netlabel Moodgadget alongside his friend Adam E. Hunt, with the aim of “exposing the diversity in electronically made music.” Many of the label’s alumni later went on to release albums on Ghostly. 

After years of daily DJ mix podcasts on ISO50 as Aarnio, in 2011 his own music was released for the first time, as a now-hard-to-find EP compilation, Polite Isle, was issued under his real name through the digital subscription-only Ghostly Music Service; then, in December 2012, the Ghostly label proper put out his debut album as Heathered Pearls, Loyal.

Heathered Pearls’ second album release on that same label was Body Complex. Reality got pushed even further on Body Complexity, a new remix EP featuring songs from the album re-worked by Lord RAJA and Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy, known for his Allergy Season label and residency on Berlin Community Radio, turns in two remixes of “Interior Architecture Structure,” both of which reconfigure the tracks base of blinking electronics and moody atmospherics in different ways. The aptly-titled “Strength Mix” puts an emphasis on the rhythm, shoving it to the front of the mix while the synths glow softly in the background. The “Speed” remix makes the quiet song feel frantic, grounding it in skittering percussion. And Ghostly label-mate Lord RAJA takes the softly-pooling “Perfume Catalog” into a whole different genre by delivering a heady and menacing beat rendition. Taken together, they’re proof of the many worlds that exist inside Body Complex—these are three more stops along the journey.


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