With over 25 000 new songs released every week, and probably not a lesser amount of mixes, it is impossible not to get lost among what not to miss. While on the other end of the rope there is the struggle of the young artists trying to break through to their potential future fans. What is good, that given the opportunity, they will show everything they’ve got to impress. One of these win-win for all situations we have today, with a local selector and mixer, Pieter Jansen, presenting his mix to listeners and readers of Deep House Amsterdam.

His style will be liked by ones, who enjoy the mix of Italo, Afro, House, Kraut and everything in between. And even though it is hard to make your way through to originality so, with a goal to balance between styles and try to give a twist, this young and promising Dutch remixer catches the ears of the listeners by surprise since the first sounds of the mix.

Before Nuno Dos Santos asked him to join his label SoHaSo, Pieter Jansen has been steadily making his path in event organizing, but selecting and playing records only every now and then. But after listening to this mix it’s obvious that DJing will become a greater part of Jansen’s life, and sooner than he might think.


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