The latest edition to our mix series is a warm and chilling house mixtape by a hot rising duo: Of Norway. Stylistically fluent and filled with still unreleased tracks, as well as some favourites, this mix come as a sublime treat we are happy to share.

Even if you have never even considered going to Norway, let alone getting lost in its forests, now you will know how it feels. Or, at least, what sound it would entail, according to the Norwegian duo Vegard Wolf Dyvik and Carl Christian Steenstrup.

As they promised, the mix presents Of Norway’s some of their unreleased and the most freshest productions, which among all is a bouncy dark dance floor track, coloured with sounds from sitar to synth, named ‘Black Desert Disco Cult(Darkroom Dubs). Being much more uptempo, it still definitely carries the duo’s signature style, which started to be recognised most for their nordic tale “Spirit Lights”. A melodic track filled with the tender female vocals of Linnea Dale, which was released on their latest album “Accretion”. Which, by the way, is a great name for an album, since, according to wikipedia, which just covered my knowledge gap in physics, means “the formation particles into one material through gravity”. The album was released almost half a year ago and it took only half a year more to come with a new collection “Accretion Remixed” of more upbeat remixes, done by Adriatique, Lehar, Terje Saether out of many and which was released just this weekend.

Black Desert Disco Cult’ EP is out on the Darkroom Dubs 7th of November.


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Both that and the beautiful mix presented for your judgement, together with the tracklist:

1 – All – Alltag 1 [Kompakt]
2 – Bufiman – Bonobeat [Versatile]
3 – Of Norway – Heart & Soul Feat. Linnea Dale [Unreleased]
4 – Of Norway – Blot Ditt Eige Lam (Frisvold & Lindbaek Remix) [Darkroom Dubs]
5 – Of Norway – Black Desert Disco Cult [Darkroom Dubs]
6 – Harvey Sutherland – Q3 [Echovolt]
7 – Tom Trago – Avenido (Young Marco Remix) [Rush Hour]
8 – DMX Krew – Keuswask [Mystic & Quantum]
9 – Drvg Cvltvre – Ethical Mutant [Nurvous]
10 – Of Norway – Blackened Fez [Darkroom Dubs]
11 – Atlantic Ocean – Waterfall [Pegasus]
12 – Boo Williams – Freaky [Housewax]
13 – All – Alltag 1 (Reversed) [Kompakt]