Take a youth spent against a background of old Italian Giallo soundtracks, add in late 70s Italian disco influences, a touch of free and easy west-coast vibe and a smattering of kitsch. That just about half describes today’s featured artist Bottin. As sound artist he was selected for Fabrica, the Benetton creative research center founded by Oliviero Toscani.

For Colors Magazine he curated the Color Music series, presented at the Sonar festival in Barcelona.
For the Biennale of Venice he designed audio for Spanish Pavilion by Muntadas. Bottin’s seminal releases include “Fondamente Nove” on Eskimo Records (2008) and “No Static” for US label Italians Do It Better (2009), now considered classics of the nu disco genre.

He soon moved to the forefront of the contemporary electronic disco scene with his concept album “Horror Disco” on Bearfunk Records UK, which garnered critical praise for its dashing display of all of Italo’s delights without the pastiche. The album’s title may conjure up images of a Goblin inspired trip through Dario Argento horror movie nostalgia, but in actuality it is filled with thick, Moroder- esque basslines that inspire dancing rather than dread.

After releasing an album as Tinpong together with vocalist OY (Nang UK) and a string of singles on his own imprint TIN, Bottin released his new full length “PUNICA FIDES” (2014), in which italo and contemporary disco sounds yielded to darker, throbbing electronica.

In 2015 Bottin started the new act DEARDRUMS together with percussionist Leo di Angilla, with 2 EPs already released and an album soon to be released on 2MR/ Captured Tracks, NYC. Deardrums deploy an arsenal of analog drum machines (mostly played by hand) in what feels like a neo-tribal soundscape, drawing from pre-Hispanic elements (think Mayan and Aztec, not Latin) and pseudo-African rhythms.

Get ready for a reckless blend of retro-futuristic sounds and contemporary electronica that is always sure to get feet moving.


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