Parker + Barrow is a production and live performance duo comprised of Swedish native and former Forever Kid member, Joakim Bjarke, and Los Angeles born and bred video artist and former turntablist, Caity Croft.

The duo has played festivals such as Burning Man and EDC and held several residencies around LA. After spending over a year in the studio producing full-time, the duo has created several EP/LPs worth of music ready for release. In each of their original productions, the duo aims to conjure a specific moment – in time, place, texture, and/or feeling- and makes a point of not sticking to a specific genre in their effort to do so.

Their music ranges from powerful, beat-driven club tracks to atmospheric, cinematic pieces. When the elusive couple aren’t spending every waking moment in the studio, they’re avidly pursuing anything and everything they can in their quest to be modern renaissance people.

The duo’s soon to be released debut EP, Singularity, features tracks with a unique blend deep, sustained basslines, dynamic and driving percussion.


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