Entering the realm of the DHA Mix Series is the shadowy producer & DJ based in Germany – Motip White.

Little is known about Motip White, however in 2015, he released his debut EP on the Cologne-based label Dorfjungs Records. As a follow up to this, Motip is releasing The White EP in May. Taking the shape of 4 tracks that fit the title of a short album rather than a typical EP, the release carries the make-up of various contrasting musical elements.

Working well with strong, spacey synthesizer sounds, he draws samples from the furthest borders of the digital realm – exhibiting them in imaginative large, white halls. His DJ sets jump between warm, deep vibes and rough textured rhythm – always crossing the boundaries of many genres.

Limited to 330 vinyls hand-painted with acrylic paint, The White EP is available May 6th via Dorfjungs Records. You can pre-order here via Kompakt.

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Motip White – No Time For Trash (Cass. Reprise)
Legowelt – Resistance
Motip White – Wy Dox
Motip White – Road To Melinda
Marvin Horsch – Point 1000
Florian Kupfer – Untitled
Forum EP – Space Train
October – Empire of Man
Motip White – Be Cheeky With Me
Aroma Pitch – Moments In Limbo
Librarian – Bronx Keys
Leon Vynehall – I Get Mine You Get Yours
Time Reveals – Cherry On Top
Laszlo Dancehall – Flute Worx
Motip White – Zuan Khan
Marvin Horsch – Jim
Max Graef & Glenn Astro– Caribean Screwdriver