Frits Wentink was born and raised in Utrecht and is one of those artists of whom you just know that he’ll be setting the musical trends in the future. Inclining and combining house, techno and bass elements, he’s fixed on developing his original and eclectic sound, which is not only  portrayed by his diverse musical taste, but also by the amount of monikers he has. He goes under the names Frits Wentink, Steve Mensink, Felix Lenferink or as 1/2 of the duo Will & Ink.

At 24 years of age he can show off an impressive repertoire on esteemed British labels such as a remix for FCL on  2020Vision, an EP on Wolf Music Recordings, Fourth Wave and Triphouse Rotterdam. And if you didn’t hear of these releases, chances are you moved your body to it on a dance floor, since Frits has been highly acclaimed this year by renowned DJs who have been playing his records in their sets.

Boosting into 2014, Frits’ release schedule couldn’t be better. He will release one EP on Darko Esser’s Wolfskuil Records as well another drop on Wolf Music. It’s safe to assume that we’re going to hear much more from Frits next year.  Next to that, he will be releasing new material on Detroit Swindle‘s label Heist Music.

In the mean time you can enjoy this very fine mix he made for us. And if you’re interested to hear more, here are the links to his four Soundcloud pages.

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