Our second discovery on the grounds of Fusion Festival last summer was Dave Dinger, who turned Sunday morning’s Bachstelzen stage into a pandemonium for 5 hours straight with his relentless cascade of pumping house.

Dave Dinger started his career in Berlins legendary Bar25, in his own very special way. Not just playing, but actually building the DJ booth and further parts. This quite unique blend of passion for music and aesthetic concepts already drove him through the mesmerizing berlin nightlife since the end of the 90s.

Following the Bar25‘s experience, he conceptualized and built many more designs for festivals and clubs, and had even more gigs as a DJ. Dave is personalising his workspace according to his interpretation of what electronic music culture is about. There is a certain warmth, honesty and depth throughout his work. As a core member of the Berlin’s infamous Bachstelzen, he took his share in blueprinting what is known as the typical Berlin underground architecture.

Chaotic, wild and organic scrap wood‘s constructions were his distinctive signature long before the term ‘up-cycling‘ got hip. Katerholzig and the new/2nd Bachstelzen floor at Fusion festival were children of this time. For him space design and sound are tools for creating an area of unconventional social interactions, where function might follow form. His residencies in Katerholzig and consequently KaterBlau helped him to build up his reputation as a DJ in Berlin and beyond.

In the last year he worked and played in Australia, New Zealand, India and all around Europe. He feels that he’s part of an evolutionary process, a constantly changing energy resembling Berlin’s attitude to life: live and let live.

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