Equipping himself with records and turntables, German DJ/Producer Adam Port provides a versatile yet melodically directional mix for us today here on DHA.

His method of tracing down various genres and generations of music is the essential reason why Port’s presence is so unique. He began his exploration through the tumultuous halls of the New York-, Boston-, D.C.-Hardcore scene, afterwards moving into a Hip-Hop Turntablism infused vibe (thereby discovering the subtleties of vinyl), and eventually into the broader field of electronics- Techno.

There’s no scene-dictated tunnel view to his activities, there is only a pointed emphasis on style, groove, and sophistication. He’s gone on releasing for notable labels such as Keinemusik, Kompakt, Liebe Detail, Pets Recordings, Cocoon Recordings, Cabin Fever, and Play It Down. What Adam Port is laying his hands on might have its place within the parameters of core genres, but it’s always more than that. It’s his style.

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