Detroit techno godfather Juan Atkins has just announced a brand new album to be released under his Model 500 moniker called Digital Solutions, due to be released around January 2015. It will be the third Model 500 album after his last one, Mind And Body, which came out back in 1999, four years after his debut Deep Space. Although both previous albums were released on R&S records, Digital Solutions will be issued on Atkins’ own Metroplex label. Metroplex, founded back in 1985, has been the creative outlet for legendary tracks under his Model 500 name like ‘NO UFO’s’, ‘Future’ and lesser known but equally influential productions such as ‘O.K. Corral’.

RA reports that there is also a select amount of live gigs in the works as Model 500, one at Winter Astropolis 20.5 in Brest in January followed by a performance at Unsound Adelaide on March 14th. Juan Atkins (52) is widely accredited as being one of the key figures in the birth and development of Detroit techno. Together with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson they form the Belleville Three, named after the high school that the three of them attended in Belleville, Michigan.

01. Encounter
02. Electric Night
03. Hi NRG
04. Standing In Tomorrow
05. Station
06. Storm
07. The Groove
08. Control
09. Digital Solutions