Movie About Frankie Knuckles’ Life In The Making

Frankie Knuckles, the late ‘godfather of house’ who passed away last year at 59 years of age, will be be at the centre of a biopic that’s in the making, telling the lifestory of the Chicago artist. Producer Robert Teitel (of the “Barbershop” movies) will be producing the film, together with Joe Shanahan, Billy Dec and Randy Crumpton, all people heavily involved in Chicago’s nightlife circuit and closely connected to the DJ/producer who is the creator of such house music blueprints as “Baby Wants To Ride“, “Your Love” and “Whistle Song

A director for the film has yet to be named, but a statement from the producers tells us that the current team behind the movie aims to pay tribute to The Warehouse owner Robert Williams and the legacy that its star DJ, Knuckles created.

In the late 70s the then New Yorker Knuckles moved westwards to Chicago. Right in the period of the ‘Disco Demolition Night’, when disco’s popularity finally collapsed, Frankie kept the soul of the genre alive by mixing classic disco records with indie, and European synth-pop. Through the sudden halt of disco productions from the early 80s on, Knuckles started to make his own edits and finally his own original work. One of the all-time templates for house music as we know hit came into existence in 1987 with his mind-blowing “Your Love”.

On March 31 2014 Frankie Knuckles died to complications from his ongoing struggle with type-II diabetes. The entire dance music community paid their hommage to the artist, DJs, promoters, fans and fellow Chicagoans. President Obama, born and raised in the Illinois city, even wrote a letter of condolence to Frankie’s family.

The movie, or at least the plans for the movie, will have a kick-off event on the 31st of March 2015; not irregular in the indie-movie film business. After this date we will hopefully get to hear some first details about the cast and who will direct it. Here’s a little something to travel back to Frankie’s moment of glory.

Source: Chicago Tribune