Amsterdam has seen tens of event organizers come and go in the last couple of years. But within that timespan organizations have risen to some of the most popular and familiar-sounding parties in and outside of this city through simple and rock-solid concepts that seem to correspond to the wants of today’s clubbers rather well. We all know Pleinvrees, Straf_Werk and Next Monday’s Hangover hangover by now. Perhaps not as synonymous with Amsterdam, but definitely comparable to these names at the moment is Nachtcollege, who have had an astronomical rise of their own since they started exactly two years ago.

Their humble kick-off event at Barkode left them with a taste for more. Much more. After a couple of events here and there, their first big score came with their recurring parties in Utrecht, mostly at Winkel Van Sinkel, promising an accessible club night with international and local house and techno artists. Nachtcollege, (meaning night class) soon became the talk of the town in the student-flooded city. What followed were ticket-selling frenzies for all of the following events, sometimes even selling out within 48 hours after going live with the ticket sale.

In 2014, however, things really started taking off: an expansion of the Nachtcollege concept to Groningen saw them tapping into new territory with a similar student atmosphere like Utrecht. Back there they were already a settled name, so the choice to host their first event in one of Utrecht’s largest venues, Central Studios, was made. Without much of a hassle they sold out the 3000 people capacity, treating visitors to some of their favourite artists like Amine Edge & Dance, Gabriel Ananda, Prunk and Ici Sans Merci.

When summer broke, a festival was bound to happen. Two festivals actually. First up was Monarck Festival, a royal party at the grounds of one of Holland’s royal palaces: Paleis Soestdijk. Following this extravaganza they also hosted INC Festival, near Amsterdam’s business heart the Zuid-As. Nachtcollege made a comeback to Amsterdam at Westerunie right before ADE kicked off. During the Amsterdam Dance Event, they co-hosted the sold-out label night of Avotre and Mobilee together with Verknipt, tagging along artists like Sidney Charles, Lee Van Dowski, Santé, Darius Syrossian and Gabriel Ananda.

So what’s next in line for Nachtcollege? First of all they will celebrate their two-year anniversary at Central Studios, probably blowing the roof off together with a lot of their trusted artists like Karmon, Sidney Charles, Bram Fidder, Rachelle Grooten, but also Josh Butler and wAFF. And who better to host a special occasion than mr. party instigator himself, MC Complicated.

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After two years since Nachtcollege started out, they are convinced to keep their growth steady through other collaborations, while also hosting events in Nijmegen. There is even a plan to create their own clothing line together with fashion brand Ninetyfour. More info on these projects and other ones is coming soon, Jorn Lukaszczyk (founder and owner of Nachtcollege) told us. “But for now, we first want to focus on having the most kick-ass birthday party at Central Studios”.

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