Founded in November 2011, ‘De Nachtdivisie’ has grown in both size and experience over the last two years. Founder Terry Toner, DJ and programmer at the Chicago Social Club, wanted new talents to develop themselves and play amongst renowned artists. Their collaboration with the Chicago Social Club resulted in a very successful chemistry, since they turned the club into an illustrious house hotspot every first Friday of the month.

Nachtdivisie evidently knows that the key ingredient to a successful club night is a well-considered line-up. Therefore, Nachtdivisie continues to provide us with a good mixture of both up and coming talents as established artists. Homegrown DJ’s such as SHMLSS, Prunk and many other Dutchies have appeared together with popular international names such as Adriatique and H.O.S.H. Due to the variety of DJ’s, Nachtdivisie shows to be original and innovative.

Besides the monthly editions in Chicago Social Club, Nachtdivisie also hosts several events throughout the year at various venues. One example is an event this year that they hosted together with us of Deep House Amsterdam during Queensnight (April 30th) in an old warehouse. The place was packed and the line up included Tom Trago and Miguel Puente. Local favorites also showed their skills, such as the Deep ‘N Disco Boys and Terry Toner himself.

de nachtdivisie

By now, the public got used to expecting the unexpected, which shows in its line ups, as well as its venue. From a well-known club to an old Berlinesque school building to an old warehouse; Nachtdivisie makes its concept stay infallible. Nachtdivisie consistently attracts a sophisticated, vibrant, creative and very energetic crowd. Creating an educated public consisting of true connoisseurs.

Nachtdivisie’s next edition will be held on Friday, October 4th at Chicago Social Club, with a new edition on every first Friday of the month. This edition will feature Mario Basanov, also known from the duo Mario&Vidis. With him being the main act, this night promises to become one for the books, yet again.

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