Two years ago, Native Instruments launched their iOS production app iMaschine, and now the company has unleashed a massive upgrade to the portable music production software.

As the first music production app to take advantage of iPhone 6′ 3D touch technology, iMaschine 2 has evolved from its original’s sketchpad approach to a full on music production tool, allowing users to create entire tracks on their iphones and/ore ipads. One of the most noticeable improvments to the app is the inclusion of “step mode”, which switches pad grip mode to step sequencer (something handy for small screen devices). Also, iMaschine 2 introduces an “arranger” which allows users to convert loops into entire songs with the ability to save four patterns in four groups. To put it another way, this means users can actually write different parts of a song.

Finally, iMaschine 2 also introduces a “smart play” keyboard, which (as you may have guessed) is a tiny keyboard which locks in scale and pitch.

For now, iMaschine is available on the iTunes store for the introductory price of 4,99€, but will jump to 9,99€ after December 1. Additibally, Native Instruments is also selling sound pack bundles from the original iMaschine (as iMaschine 2 is NOT upgradeable) at the accesible price of $1.50.