Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante is releasing an electronic EP, a release recorded with a studio packed with enough analog gear to make your head explode.

Some may describe his studio as eternal nirvana, others may judge it simply as a pretty solid setup. Regardless, he’s got his shit down, hoarding a list of wacky audio machines, all of which include six MC202s, Roland TR Drum Machines such as the 808, a Juno 106, a large modular synth assembled by his bandmate Chris McDonald, Oberheim OB-X, 3-4 Mixers… I think you get the picture. Just please be sure to place a napkin over your keyboard before you start peeping the photographs.

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While he’s best known for penning the main riff for “Californication”, he’s been dogging it out creating raw electronic music and exploring the limits of his instruments. His release, Foregrow EP soon out on respectable label Acid Test / Absurd Recordings – was actually recorded back in 2009. He recorded it when he first began to feel out the equipment in his studio.

Inspired by the production techniques of artists such as Venetian SnaresSquarepusher, DMX Crew, Ceephax Acid Crew, and Autechre, ultimately for him, it was all about “pushing my machines really hard, and constantly trying things which I had never done before.”

Describing his music as “adventerous electronic music” rather than using a prototypical genre, this EP has a wide variety of interesting studio gimmicks. For instance, one track features a guitar played via midi through a DX7 synthesizer, while another features a guitar solo played through an Electro-Harmonix Microsynthesizer. Overall, the EP experiments with various musical elements such as the instrumentation within each section, varying styles and textures, with a hell lot of overdubbed MC-202s creating the illusion of someone playing a Wurlitzer electric piano.

Dig in and immerse yourself into the sounds of the analog world.