Ever wondered how those iconic and seemingly hyper technical masks of Daft Punk are made? The robotic face covers were first used by the duo back in 1999. The Daft Punk outfit has become so in demand in recent years that full, original costume has been reproduced for consumers (costing a sweet $34,000).

Greg Santacruz didn’t have $34k and decided to make his own adaptation of the masks, and never did a fan-made recreation come as close to the real thing as this. Because Daft Punk are the most secretive mainstream artists on the planet, we never knew quite how the intricate masks worked and how they’re built. Until now, as photographer Tim Bottchen documented the building process of Santacruz, creating a photo album with more than 20 beautiful images that shed some light on how enigmatic LED-lit and chromed apparel of the twosome came to existence.

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Source: Tim Bottchen