Shit Mobile Service At Festivals? Drones Are Coming To The Rescue!

Ahh Drones, those loveable, hovering instruments on surveillance (best case scenario), is there anything they can’t do?

Doesn’t look like it. Not only can they film you sunbathing nude in the privacy of your back yard, or destroy generations of potential good will at a Yemeni wedding, now they can also provide mobile service at festivals! You know how at almost every festival you go to, the mobile signal seems to be shit? I’m not scientist but Im guessing it’s from all the people in one place experiencing FOMO at the same time. Well, US company AT&T has suggested the use of drone technology in order to boost the reception capabilities at mass music gatherings.

To be honest, the name of AT&T proposal is pretty great: “Flying COWs” or “Cell on Wings,” and is meant to be deployed at “at large events” or in “rapid disaster response” (although, I’m not sure AT&T’s official statement on the matter alleviates any of the potential surveillance state concerns we should all have when it comes to drone technology: “Imagine you’re at a concert watching your favorite band, and out of the corner of your eye you notice a tethered drone hovering nearby…But this drone isn’t taking photos or videos of the band. It’s temporarily providing enhanced LTE wireless coverage at the packed venue so you, along with thousands of others in attendance, can simultaneously send photos and videos to share the moment.”)

It’s going to be a while until the drone technology will make its (official) debut at festivals under the corporate umbrella as, right now, AT&T is only in the preliminary trial phase, but it really doesn’t seem unlikely in the least that this won’t be a thing in the near future. Drones are our future. Drones see what we can’t. The Drones know all.

Hopefully all the festival drones will be as fun as this little guy who fell out the sky at Burning Man last year:

Source: FACT