The increasingly un fun Australian metropolis of Sydney has continued its descent into old person-vile, with an extension of their infamous “lock out” laws until 2017.

With that, the immediate repercussions for its squandering nightlife industry are this: NO NEW NIGHCTLUBS until, at least, 2017. The laws specifically target the areas of Sydney CBD and King’s Cross, and have been implemented while the government “reviews” the future of the February 2014 instituted laws. Technically, the 2 year trial period for the lock out laws expired on February 5th, but the extension and review allow for the extension.

“We want … to have certainty and confidence that nothing will change while we conduct this major review,” NSW Deputy Premier and Justice Minister Troy Grant commented on the issue. “Once the review is complete the government will have a firmly stated position about the future of lockouts.”

The review will consider perspectives on both sides of the issue, including emergency service workers and criminologists, who have praised the laws for reducing crime rates, as well as the business lobby, who claims the changes have been devastating to Sydney’s hospitality industry and nightlife. “We have had 13 venues close since the lockout laws commenced [in 2014],” Kings Cross Licensing Association spokesman Doug Grand said. “Reinvestment and regeneration is desperately needed in the precinct”.

Despite protests from the likes of Russell Brand, MP Jenny Leong, cultural sectors, hospitality, and petitions, the possibility of a repeal does not seem strong, with Australian Premier Mike Baird recently saying that the lifting of for New Year’s Eve was “not an indication that we’re relaxing the lockout laws. Quite the opposite…they are here to stay.”

Source: Sydney Morning Herald