Only in Amsterdam people can turn a grocery store into a disco. Last weekend you were able to rollerskate to Disco music between banana’s and toiletpaper. Disco Grocery Shopping (Disco Boodschappen) was born.

Last Friday a supermarket in Amsterdam was turned into a roller disco for one night. What started as a joke turned into the best party any convenience store has ever seen. It all started in 2012 when a student posted a note on a pinboard at a big supermarket chain asking if it’s possible to organise “disco shopping” for an hour once a week. The note went viral, gained attention all over the Internet and the innovative collective Tosti Creative took control over the event.

After the Facebook event was published thousands of disco loving shoppers attended within the first few days. Now the organisers had to find a supermarket to realise their big plans and the supermarket chain Dirk van der Broek was open to the idea. Soon they also had additional sponsors and the planning was rolling. In consultation with the supermarket manager it was decided to allow up to 500 people. When the ticket sale started it only took five minutes and the event was sold out.

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Attendes came dressed up in the craziest costumes and the organisation took care of the rest. There was a bowling alley, wind turbine, a silent disco, a “”shopping cart drive in cinema”, lots of free products and of course a beer bar. Ten security guards and lots of friends kept an eye on the groceries and it seems like it went well. But I have to disappoint you if you’re exited now and want to attend the next “Disco Shopping” event. It is very likely that it was only a one time thing.

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