Their reputation is questionable, their music is ‘super house’ and their career has been pretty impressive so far, to say the least. Meet Andhim, two Cologne natives with a talent for creating the unconventional in electronic music. They found some time in their schedule to have a cozy heart-to-heart about a variety of subjects: favourite toys, sextapes and their upcoming gig at Pleinvrees coming friday. 

I love my “Princie Diamond” (35 Karat). It is fun to play with it, throw it after the domestic staff or use it as a paperweight

Hi Guys! So which one of you has the hottest mom?
Neither, we like your Mom the most. But could you make her stop calling? Isn’t she used to being used for only one night?

Now both of you have been playing music since you were little. Where and when did the Andhim love story begin exactly?
At a Table Dance Bar. I saw Tobias dancing and it was love at first sight. One week later we produced our second album.

Last year you played over 120 gigs all over the world. That sounds pretty hectic to me, how did you guys experience it?
It was hectic but awesome. We have the best jobs in the world. Wouldn’t change with anyone!

What has been the most special gig so far?
Tough question. There were so many beautiful gigs in the past that it would be unfair to pick one as the best. Of course it is always special to play in cities like Hong Kong or New York but you can also have a great party in a small city in front of a hundred people.

Other than playing at the Pleinvrees weekender, made any plans while visiting our lovely Amsterdam?
We love Amsterdam. Since we have a lot of friends there we will probably just hang out and chill.

andhim strook 2

Who’s your favorite artist playing at the Pleinvrees Weekender and why?
Definitely Kölsch because he brought back Rave to the dance floor.

What other artist/music brings you goosebumps?
Celine Dion.

What is your own favorite record you guys produced and what does this track mean to you?
Hmm. Our favourite track is usually the latest track we produce. But if we had to choose one it would be Aleefee. It is very emotional to us since we associate it with very personal feelings.

Backstage at Pleinvrees you’re also celebrated for performing free stand-up comedy shows.  Mr Bean, Chris Rock, Eddy Murphy or Robin Williams?
Eddy Murphy, for sure!

Any colorful/memorable incidents with a fan that is worth mentioning? 
There is actually a fan girl who tattooed our heads on her back! Very memorable. Especially for her!

You guys got sent a questionnaire but instead of just replying you made a special video for it. This included a scene in a bathtub. Did Nina Kraviz inspire you or did you guys inspire her..?
We were the first with a bathtub video! But it’s okay. We’re always happy to inspire colleagues.

If you were the only two persons on a desolated island. Could you together live happily ever after?
Of course. We live on our own special island already. That wouldn’t make a big difference. As long we would have a studio that would be fine.

What are your all time favourite toys?
Simon: I love my “Princie Diamond” (35 Karat). It is fun to play with it, throw it after the domestic staff or use it as a paperweight.

Tobias: My favorite toy is Simon. It is fun to play with him, throw him after the domestic staff or use him as a paperweight.

Any other big news coming up we can gossip about? We love that!
Besides of our new song “Boy Boy Boy” there’s an Andhim Sex Tape coming. 90 minutes of pure hardcore. Real feelings and passionate sex adventures. Watch out for this one!

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