When it comes to house and techno in the Netherlands, few of those currently involved in the scene can match up with Orlando Voorn.

A mainstay in Dutch electronic music since pretty much the very beginning, Voorn has left an inimitable mark on both his local scene and the global underground movement as a whole. A fierce proponent of top drawer beats, Voorn’s talent is indicative of the labels he’s repped in his time: from R&S to KMS to more contemporary outlets such as Rennie Foster’s RF (where he recently released the brilliant ‘Fix is Back’ EP), what this man doesn’t know about 4/4 basically isn’t worth knowing. A true underground legend that we’re proud to host in our backyard, this Amsterdam native continues to enthral audiences the world over.

So who better than Orlando Voorn to run through some of his favourite Dutch contemporaries? And so it is that we checked in with Orlando recently, as he gave us the lowdown on some of his favourite local producers and his favourite track of theirs…

Dimitri and Eric Nouhan

These two have really influenced me the deliciously busy style but everything clearly beating production on the then B.E.S.T. records. Without these examples, my success Solid session would not have came out the way it is.

Speedy J

Speedy J really inspired me at the very beginning. That was the first time that I saw a live show with him and was impressed. A really great source of inspiration.

2000 and one

2000 & one … this track is one that you can still run. Really, honest technofunk in your face. For those who do not know Dylan hermelijn aka 2000 & one, he was the one who put me in contact with Fierce Ruling Diva … that’s how that circle came about. My first techno productions were on Lower east side records too, and later it was Jeroen Flamman who put me in touch with Juan Atkins.

Steve Rachmad

Nice old-fashioned Detroit Sound in an energetic jacket. Top! Steve is the man!


High-quality Detroit from the Netherlands from none other than Legowelt.

Fierce Ruling Diva

An underground piece here by some ones who put me on the map back in 1990. Shout out to Jeroen Flamman and Abraxis !!

Tom Trago

This one’s a nice soulful track from the Amsterdam house don.


Nice raw electro as I like to hear them. Stuff like this also inspires me to go really fast when I am working on this style.


Far ahead of his time! I can remember that I heard the first at pirate stations. super fat track by Robin Albers. Robin was also a very important link for me with his Avros three times. doordraaien which was an important radio station. You had to mix 3 records and best once collected went into the championship . After winning the thing. We then went to UK in 1986 DMC world championship.

Human Resource

Prehardcore period and one of those tracks you would have to bang your head on. Rough and rugged with a dope rap line. These type records i was heavily in that period of time.

Orlando Voorn’s ‘Fix is Back’ is out Christmas Day on RF Music

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