Following the devastation of last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, the City of Lights collective nightlife scene has now issued a joint statement in anticipation of their reopening this Friday.

In a statement from the city’s major clubs: A La Folie Paris, Badaboum, Batofar, Concrete, Djoon, Faust, Glazart, Gibus, Java, La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Le Queen, Rex Club, Social Club, Showcase, Virgo, Wanderlust, YoYo – Palais de Tokyo and Zig Zag, a unifying message of peace through culture, music and dance has been given.

“Nothing and no one will stop Paris from dancing….Music, dancing, sharing, meeting, social bonds [and] diversity are values that we carry and that these terrorists have targeted for destruction.”

Though this is all excellent news caution should still be headed when going out, especially as tensions in the area are still high with a State of Emergency continuing. With that in mind, France’s Federation of Cabarets and Nightclubs have issued a recommendation guide for safety and security alongside the addresses and contact numbers of police stations in each Arrondissement.

Source: RA