Strange Sounds From Beyond Festival 2017, an effervescent event and Amsterdam Noord’s industrial NDSM, that attracted plenty of young and colourful audience and offered many entertaining choices.

From the abundance, Sun Ra Arkestra was at the epicentre of all expectations. The Arkestra under the leadership of Marshall Allen, performed fully drawn into the immediacy of music. Space is the place, left the weight on it this time in a mid capricious Amsterdam summer. They creative and funky musicians connected to the public naturally and seemed to have enjoyed the crowd.

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For those more inclined towards the dance spectrum of electronic music, the event did not disappoint with its usual carefully curated selection of…selectors (no pun intended). Paramount amongst them was Daphni aka Caribou, who’s eclectic tastes more than meshed with the likes of fellow DJ diggers Lena Willikens, Vladimir Ivkovic, Interstellar Funk and, of course, the one and only Antal. For us, much like last year, Strange Sounds From Beyond’s date, set against the massive Amsterdam’ Awakenings (this year celebrating its 20 years), and its undeniable tilt toward Techno and House of a truly leftfield variety, gives it one of its most admirable qualities.

So, with that, and under a cloudy sky, surrounded by ephemeral sounds, the gathering was indeed strange, specially into the point in space where different music came from different stages within the proximity. Everything seemed relaxed and very enjoyable, well organised and tidy, eclectic yet like minded. The choice for the line up was fantastic and inciting. One of those Woodstock feelings!

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PC: Bibian Bingen & Marinka Grondel