Innervisions took over one of the best locations in Barcelona for such an intimate events which suited the label and the organization itself just perfectly. It was the first time for me at the Plaza Mayor de El Poble Espanyol, but I have to say, it’s an amazing art pavilion that was originally built for the Barcelona International Exhibition in 1929 and represents the “real Spanish town/village”. You can definitely feel the Spanish soul wrapped around the buildings and all the typical arches!

Now back to Innervisions event! I actually skipped one day of Sónar, just to be full in power for the “grand finale” on Sunday and it was totally worth it. I was relaxing at Barceloneta beach during the day, holding an ice cold lemonade and listened to some latin music to fit in the moment. At 4pm I took a short hike to the Montjuïc Mountain and grabbed a beer at the street sellers. At the entrance you could already see the effort the put into the setting and ambience. The counters were covered into the black fabric, which definitely brought the impression of their logo. Also the stage was set very low and behind the DJ booth there was a lot of space for dancing and grasping the atmosphere from the other, DJ perspective. Toilet area was well hidden and there were no separate parts for VIP clubbers, what made the Plaza very intimate, friendly and with a more club than a festival note! Not to mention that there were 30 disco balls announcing the sunset and some free fruits at the bar. So yes, the setting was mind blowing.

What about the line-up? Clearly I had high expectations for their sold out music menu.
We had Job Jobse, Ame, Todd Terje, John Talabot, Schwarzmann and Dixon. Very subjectively said, this was not the subsequent order on the menu. I would definitely pick Ame as my favourite dessert that night. Ame’s set was very typical, you could recognize him with closed eyes. I absolutely loved how an artist built his image not just by his appearance, but also sound. In such a big electronic music industry and so many artists/sounds, he is still recognizable while doing a DJ set! Very energetic base with progressive topping and slightly rigid texture, usually unknown to the house genre. Todd Terje was a sweet bite after that, offering a live disco house plate with a dash of pampering melodies. Dixon closed it in style, however not enough enthusiasm for 2am.

To sum up, Innervisions Barcelona event was breathtaking, as well as their latest productions for edition Secret Weapons Pt. 9 and we are looking forward to next event and releases to come!

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