Let us tell you a little story about a butcher, an igloo, a DJ standing over a cliff and a few insanely high mountains.

Celebrating its 19th edition this year, the Mayrhofen event is unique to any other snow-based event. Being able to run that long as a festival is an impressive feat. How do they do it?

Enter Snowbombing.

The main part of the festival takes place during the second week of April from Monday to Friday, but it already kicks off the Saturday before and officially ends the Saturday after for ravers who might still have an ounce of energy left.

During the day, party-goers are encouraged to go up slopes of the Penken mountain area which hosts 3 of Snowbombings incredible number of 15 (!) different locations which host all of their artists. Not all of the locations are ‘advertised’ publicly, which only adds to the fun.

Straight off the skilift, fresh of their first run down the slopes, ravers can then enjoy a cold, alpine beer on the so-called Mountain Stage. The stage is on a terrace overhanging the cliff at a staggering 1800m altitude. The DJ is perched right in the corner, just over the precipice, while ravers dance and throw up their hands just in front of the artist. Its this type of surreal surrounding that make Snowbombing truly unique.

‘Mountain Stage’ Photo credit: Jenna Foxton / Fanatic

Going down the other side of the mountain you’ll find the Funpark with rails and jumps to satisfy any avid snowboarder or skier. The slope ends just near the Snowpark Terrace, which is Snowbombings second stage up in the beautiful mountains. Catch your breath and a quick bite, or lounge in the Alpine sun, before setting off on yet more raving in these gorgeous surroundings. 

The Snowpark Terrace featured artists like Mall Grab, Idris Elba, Anouk and we were even treated to an epic house set by Funster and Hutch from the fellow raving writers of the Mixmag crew

‘Snowpark Terrace’ Photo credit: Andrew Whitton / Fanatic

Back down in Mayrhofen, the parties get underway at the end of the afternoon in the traditional apres-ski spirit. Locations like the Snowbombing Arena and the Forest Stage are yearly favourites for big acts and big performances. Another is the Racket Club. It’s an underground tennis court which has been turned into a massive rave for the event. The light show is absolutely stellar which only adds to the driving, melodic live shows of Bicep and Ross From Friends. Besides big arena and tennis court raves, Snowbombing has a tendency to do secret ones and unexpected pop-up gigs. There are two of these that stand out above the rest and they take place in a butcher shop and an igloo.

Hans the Butcher is Mayrhofen’s local butcher legend. Serving the best meat of Tirol all day can make a man weary, so like the rest of us, Hans likes to party after work. However, Hans has a slightly different approach. Within minutes of ‘closing up shop’, a club soundsystem and a set of CDJ’s are put in place to replace the butchers knives. An absolute mad rave ensues with the likes of Peggy Gou, Artwork and off course Hans himself.

‘Hans the Butcher’ Photo credit: Andy Hughes / Fanatic

The other standout venue is Smirnoff’s Arctic Disco. Located at an absolutely insane 1977m above sea level, is a fully sculpted igloo with a functional club inside. Ever seen a Funktion-One system in an igloo at 1977m? Didn’t think so. On the decks we find Eats Everything and Jasper James, topping off the last hour with a stomping b2b set. As we huddle back down to the elevator keeping eachother warm like king penguins, we can’t help but be overwhelmed at what we just experienced.

‘Smirnoff Arctic Disco’ Photo credit: Max Miechowski / Fanatic

We finish off our week at Snowbombing with our own event at the Bruck’n Stadl. Hosted by Smirnoff’s ‘Equalising Music’ concept, the apres ski bar is turned into a proper club as we host Jennifer Cardini, Honey Dijon, Nastia, Dusky and DHA’s very own Kimou and Faasse. 

Jennifer Cardini delivers a driving set pumping up the crowd for Honey Dijon. Honey Dijon takes absolute flight as the ravers are hit by house classic after classic mixed with a skill rarely seen anymore. Nastia drives the peak in energy home with her trademark brand of pumping techno paving the way for Dusky to close out our week here in Austria.

With not enough coffee and even less sleep we head for the airport to go home. Yet, we don’t feel tired. We’re thrilled that the team at Snowbombing has lived up to their own slogan, we absolutely had the adventure of a lifetime. 

We understand why Snowbombing has been able to run for so long. The line-up is incredibly diverse, there is an amazing mix of wintersport, adventure, pop-up and club events, coupled with an organisation who leave nothing to chance and genuinely provide the grounds you need to have the best week ever. Period.

See you next year Snowbombing!

‘DHA / Smirnoff Equalising Music with Honey Dijon’ Photo credit: Andy Hughes / Fanatic