Another weekend full of sweet parties. Which ones to choose? We’ll make it easy for you with our selection of party tips. This week: Pachanga Boys, Daniel Avery, Jovonn, Rampue Malawi and much more!


Nachtkijker w/ Primo Disco & Faux Couture

The place to be for creatures of the night. Get deep and funky with this week’s excellent edition featuring the crowd pleaser Primo Disco and his homeboys Faux Couture. What to expect? Disco, funk, tropical blowhorns and a whole lot of fun perfect for a Thursday night. See you at Doka!

Primo Disco | Faux Couture |

March 13 | Nachtkijker | Doka |



Tomorrow is Now Kid w/ Jovonn

Come down to Studio 80 on Friday March 14th, to enjoy a full night of dancing with some ice cold underground artists who’ll make your ears tingle. Headlining the event is USA kid Jovonn, a veteran who has earned more than enough stripes in his 20+ year career. One of our other favourites is Makcim who is slowly coming out of the woodworks as a true connoisseur. Don’t believe us? Just wait till he opens up his record bag. Residents Alex Salvador and Daan Groeneveld are of course not to be missed either!

Jovonn (USA) | Alex Salvador | Daan Groeneveld | Makcim | Moody Mehran | Daniele Temperilli |

March 14 | TOMORROW IS NOW KID | Tickets | Studio 80 |

tomorrow is now kid


Next Monday’s Hangover – 3 Years Of Wasted Mondays

March 2011 – March 2014. It’s time to celebrate three years of indie-electronica, strange locations, random memories and most of all, a lot of hangovers lasting all the way till Monday.

The Mondays have invited a host of residents and legends for this one: international and locals, and some fresh spice to keep things interesting. And since they’ve been rolling for three years now, that makes for a big bunch of artists. It’s only right that this party will last 11 hours to fit them all in. WOOP WOOP!

Daniel Avery | Rampue | Aril Brikha b2b Chymera [live] | Petar Dundov [live] | Arjuna Schiks [live] | Job Jobse | Jorn Liefdeshuis | Some Chemistry | Satori | Florinsz Janvier | UNISOL | MikeyNice | No Reset | Beek | Robert Ferdinand | Charles Moody b2b Hank Runkle | Lui |

March 15 | NMH – 3 Years Of Wasted Mondays | Tickets | Het Sieraad |



Trouw op Zondag w/ Pachanga Boys

The Pachanga Boys immediately ring a bell with a lot of people nowadays, and considering the tracks they’ve made (Time or Legs) this can hardly be called a surprise. Be prepared to get loose to these guys all night long, after the talented Malawi has warmed up the place. The perfect spot to zone out on your last day of the weekend.

Pachanga Boys | Malawi |

March 16 | Trouw op Zondag | TrouwAmsterdam |

trouw op zondag pachanga boys

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