Whoever has watched Peep Show, Channel 4’s highly successful pitch-black comedy about two flatmates and their bleak lives, ‘careers’ and romantic escapades, knows that one of its funniest side-characters is a guy called Super Hans. Super Hans, played by Matt King, is a nihilistic drug enthusiast and parttime musician that frequently drops by in the series, wreaking havoc in pretty much every situation he finds himself in.

Even though the series ended late last year, the fanbase surrounding the show certainly didn’t. That’s why it comes as great news that Matt King has announced to be starting a DJ career this summer.

King’s plan is to actually DJ not as himself, but in character as Super Hans. How exactly that is going to play out remains to be seen, as well the specific gigs he’ll be taking on (a date schedule will be released soon, but King already released that they’ll range from UK pubs to Ibiza). Anyway, safe to say that audiences will be in for some serious rampaging DJ sets if he’ll be taking on the gigs as the one and only Super Hans.