Tonight, Perm, an artist frequently featured on DHA as of late, will perform in Amsterdam for an intimate gathering by the water.

Dark Matter will bring perm, along with Johanna Knutsson, Jessie Granqvist and Kliin to the confines of Amstelhaven for a night of deep Techno vibes courtesy of Hoppa Amsterdam. The crew’s previous event brought seven of Stockholm’s best female DJs to Bar117 for the one-of-a-kind Femme de STHLM Night.

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Since their launch in 2015, Hoppa aims for intimate and small venues with character in venues with capacity of maximum 300 people. For them, it’s all about familiar faces on the dancefloor, high quality techno and unpretentious DJ’s behind the decks.

3 November | Dark Matter | Tickets | Amstelhaven