Amsterdam clubbers who’ve been shedding a tear since the closing of Trouw can maybe find a bit of solace. Because news has just come out that The Student Hotel, the organization that will be exploiting the Trouw building and the adjacent Parool tower to focus on student housing, has plans to turn the basement of the Trouw building – known as De Verdieping in the Club Trouw era – into a nightlife venue once more.

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Felix Hillen, managing director of The Student Hotel, says that the plan is still in its early stages: “We would have loved to see Trouw continuing their club [on just the basement level] but they decided to close the venue altogether. But we definitely have the ambition to turn the basement into a club again.” He continues to state that ideas regarding the character also have yet to be made. So whether this will be the ‘new Trouw’ in its old space remains to be seen.

Hillen is looking for partners from the nightlife and event scene to help him set up a proper club with a clear vision. “We know little about running a club ourselves, so that’s why we’re looking for an associate at the moment” Hillen says.

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The Student Hotel is being constructed as we speak. The Parool tower and the Trouw building will accommodate 573 students, a sport’s club, restaurant and shops. The completion of the complex is currently set on March 2016. So that leaves more than enough time to cook up a solid plan for breathing new life into the sacred ground on Amsterdam’s Wibautstraat.

Source: Parool