Samplers, effects and Midi Sequencers have been staples of electronic music production for years, but tapping is far from “playing”.

PULSE, is a new hardware controller, who’s versatility may make it the future of music production and, most importantly, PLAYING. Lauched on Kickstarer last week, and debuted at Abbey Road studios Red Program, PULSE is a circular play surface that uses a number of sensors to let you interact with it many ways: bang it like a drum, play it like a synthesizer, or even float your hand over it like a theremin. PULSE even recognizes the type of drumstick used, or specific hand-gestures, allowing for a mix playing and gesture-control.

Inside PULSE, comes a library of cross-platform software instruments, as well as compatibility with most music composition software, like Ableton and Logic. And with multiple input options, PULSE also, for example, let’s users strike a drum at different strengths, dampen the sound with your hand, and then jump into a piano solo on the fly.

PULSE has been created by Titan Reality and is at the higher end of the financial spectrum, costing in the range of £750, but with the Titan Reality app’s ability to provide 1000s of musical instruments, electronic sounds, effects, virtual microphones, venue acoustics and audio gear straight to your fingertips via its advanced 3D sensor. Speaking of the sensor, it is able to detect position in space, rotations and hits in the air, locate impacts with velocity and sense contact size, pressure or friction on its surface.

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Source: Engadget